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A Voice No Longer Silent: The Emerging Consciousness of Women in a Culture in Crisis
The on-going assault, harassment and oppression of women and girls is rooted in the soil of  a traumatic disavowal of authentic archetypal identities. Centuries of patriarchal cultures have silenced women’s voices and exiled women from their inherent power. This is a trauma that too often goes unnamed and unrecognized because it has historically been accepted as normative. Recognizing this cultural and psychological trauma is not about being defined as a victim. It is about acknowledging the trauma and its effects as an essential first step towards embodying an emerging consciousness. This is a consciousness that expands our psychological orientation to the multi-faceted and nuanced identities of women.

In mythologies, theologies and fairy tales, the archetypal reality of the powerful woman is often hidden behind a transmogrified feminine. Medusa, Salome, the wicked queen, all have another story to tell. A story told through the eyes of women, in the voices of women.  There is an emerging consciousness that does not situate power and femininity as dualities or consign women to irrationality and a lack of self-agency. The hope lies in the degree to which we can shift our individual and collective alignment to this archetypal reality and creatively bring this voice into the public arena.

This Seeing Red On-line Course brings together an internationally recognized faculty of analysts, psychologists, authors and artists whose work is focused on a more nuanced articulation of the identities of women free from the limitations of projection and gendered bias.
The inter-disciplinary course design features a deep integration of the analytic and the artistic. Both the curriculum and the delivery model are designed to foster a community of soul and scholarship where the theoretical and the creative can thrive. Some of the most distinct features of this course are:

  1. The framing of feminine oppression as trauma in cultures that have historically accepted it as normative.
    2. The illumination of the multi-faceted ways feminine oppression is internalized.
    3. The identification of archetypal identities that do not situate femininity and power as dualities.
    4. The prioritization of the creative unconscious in working through internalized oppression.
    5. The articulation of new models of the stages of conscious development that are not consigned to the narrow parameters of gendered identity.
  2. A transformational educational model that creates space for relational learning.
    I am honored by the caliber of the faculty who are a part of this course. Most, if not all, of these accomplished women have devoted their lives to developing their own scholarship and work relative to these topics. I hope you will make the choice to join us!

What Graduates Are Saying…

“I feel supported and encouraged to continue to do the research that I’ve done for a long time..Listening to the presenters speak so eloquently and passionately about their insights and discoveries gave me hope that we as women are in many ways forging new lines of resistance and revelation in times of struggle and despair…It’s a wondrous experience to have teachers of this caliber.” – – Marilyn Matthews

“New aspects of psyche are being revealed through this course in deeply meaningful ways, through a process of deep engagement… This course is proving to be transformative on every level.” –Adrienne Jenkins

“Every movie, every Thursday presentation, every book reminds me that I came to the planet on a mission!” – – Pearl Gregor

“The experience has brought so much expansion for me. I see myself and my work in so many different lights now. I feel that each presentation offers vast mysteries to be explored and each time I venture into the Mystery – even just a tiny bit – it unlocks – brings forth – bits of consciousness that then invite me further into the mysteries.” 
 –Mary Ann Copson

“This module was amazing in that we could connect so intimately through a website format and that I could speak up and did. 
–Nancie Hines

Course Delivery:
90 Minute Webinars
This Seeing Red Certificate Course  offers 26 weeks (six months) of weekly webinars with internationally recognized faculty. The webinars are offered Thursday evenings from 8:00 – 9:30 PM Eastern Time.  All of the webinars are recorded and available for students to access at their convenience.
Discussion Circles
Every third week students meet on-line for Seeing Red Discussion Circles.  The Discussion Circles are small group facilitated discussions focused on the themes and subjects of the webinars and course readings.
Private Mentoring Sessions
In addition, students are offered two private mentoring sessions with designated faculty members.

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