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On Wednesday May 3, members of the Los Angeles Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association held a Myth Salon at the home of Dr. Dana White, adjunct faculty and alumnus. Moderated by Dr. Will Linn, the Myth Salon was honored with the presence of Dr. Christophe Le Mouël, a physicist and Executive Director of the Los Angeles Jung Institute.  Before a packed house, Will and Christophe guided a discussion on the Quantum and the Self – a subject clearly popular with those in attendance. Much as the ego and the Self enjoy a provocative, and at times a tense, relationship, people often find the oneness of the Quantum a challenge to understand. Our separate selves form much of our personal identities, yet within the Quantum, we find the deepest truths of the world’s spiritual traditions.  Indeed, it was an evening of rich rewards and deep connections – within the room and with the cosmos that forms the backdrop of the Myth Salon’s topic. The Myth Salon meets once a month in Dana’s home to explore a wide range of topics and is open to all members of the Pacifica community.

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