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Pacifica Graduate Institute Commencement 2018

SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2018
10:00 a.m.

Directions to the Santa Barbara Hilton Beachside Resort (formerly Fess Parker Doubletree by Hilton)
From the North: Take 101 southbound to Santa Barbara. Take the Garden Street exit and make a right onto Garden Street, which will end at the waterfront (approximately 3 blocks). At the waterfront, turn left onto Cabrillo Blvd. Follow Cabrillo appx. ¼ mile. At Calle Puerto Vallarta, turn left at the light and then again left into the Doubletree parking lot. Come in the driveway, and head left, following the signs to the hotel lobby. Once you register, you can park close to where your room is located.
From the South: Take 101 North to Santa Barbara. Exit the freeway at exit 94C Cabrillo exit (this is a left side exit ramp). At the bottom of the off-ramp, turn left onto Cabrillo Boulevard. Follow Cabrillo about 1 ¾ miles. Turn right onto Calle Puerto Vallarta. The hotel entrance is the first driveway on the left. Come in the driveway, and head left, following the signs to the hotel lobby. Once you register, you can park close to where your room is located.
From the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport: COMPLIMENTARY AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION IS AVAILABLE 5 AM TO 9 PM BY CALLING THE HOTEL DIRECTLY UPON ARRIVAL AT 805-564-4333. Turn right out of the airport onto William L. Moffet PL / Sandspit Road. Follow this road appx. 1/4 mile, which will curve towards the beach and under a bridge. Merge onto Ward Memorial Blvd/CA 217 North for appx. 1/2 mile. Merge onto US-101 South via the exit on the left toward Santa Barbara for appx. 10 miles. Take the Garden Street exit and make a right onto Garden Street, which will end at the beach. Turn left onto Cabrillo Blvd. Turn left onto Calle Puerto Vallarta and left into the Doubletree parking lot.

Parking and Holiday Traffic

There is ample parking space in the hotel lot and on the street.  Santa Barbara area roads and highways can become quite congested during the days surrounding Memorial Day.  Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive to receive your cap and gown and please remind your guest(s) to also plan accordingly.

Reception (2:00-3:00 p.m.)

A light reception will take place immediately following the ceremony outside in the beautiful Plaza near the beachside – PGIAA will be there to greet newly minted alumni/ae!!

Important Contact Information

Alumni Relations
Dianne Travis-Teague
(805) 879-7303





Abidi Mansoor Jung Arch Studies MA
Abravanel Daniela Depth Psych Somatics MA
Agriesti Marlane Counseling Psych MA
Aizenstat Alia Counseling Psych MA
Albee Tressi Comm Lib Ecopsych MA
Alderson Taylor Counseling Psych MA
Alexander Caleb Counseling Psych MA
Allemand John Psychotherapy PhD
Allevato Sam Jung Arch Studies MA
Alsop Heidi Counseling Psych MA
Al-Turki Faiza Counseling Psych MA
Annan Rose Perry Depth Psych Somatics MA
Arias Krista Comm Lib Ecopsych MA
Arkfeld Allison Counseling Psych MA
Ballin Daniel Depth Psych Somatics MA
Barnett Taylor Counseling Psych MA
Belton Virginia Depth Psych PhD
Bessermin Craig Counseling Psych MA
Blackwell Allison Jung Arch Studies MA
Bonaduce John Mythological Studies MA
Bonavita Anthony Clinical Psych PhD
Bostian Lisa Jung Arch Studies MA
Brun Shara Depth Psych Somatics MA
Bucher John Mythological Studies MA
Buchman Joseph Counseling Psych MA
Bui Van Tuong Jung Arch Studies MA
Butler Shanna Clinical Psych PhD
Caldwell Cynthia Mythological Studies PhD
Capiral Felipe Counseling Psych MA
Carsten Jesse Mythological Studies MA
Carter Boston Jung Arch Studies PhD
Case Sarah Counseling Psych MA
Castellano-Hsia Maria Counseling Psych MA
Choy Christy Jung Arch Studies MA
Clark Elizabeth Counseling Psych MA
Comaroto Maryanne Depth Psych Somatics PhD
Contreras Dulcinea Counseling Psych MA
Couch Rachel Counseling Psych MA
Covi Ida Engaged Humanities MA
Crowley Ryan Counseling Psych MA
Curnyn Lauren Counseling Psych MA
Curtis Craig Psychotherapy PhD
Davison Lauren Counseling Psych MA
de las Gertz Maria Psychotherapy PhD
de Mello Debora Engaged Humanities MA
Decker Kelly Counseling Psych MA
Dee Christina Counseling Psych MA
Deerwater Titania Indira Engaged Humanities MA
DeMeola Christina Counseling Psych MA
DeWitt Inertia Counseling Psych MA
Doyle Cleopatra Jung Arch Studies MA
Duke Annie Jung Arch Studies MA
Dumetz Rene Clinical Psych PhD
Emrys Wendilyn Mythological Studies MA
Erickson Jonthan Depth Psych Somatics PhD
Escobedo Samuel Jung Arch Studies MA
Escue Jessica Mythological Studies MA
Exner Amelia Counseling Psych MA
Faist Aaron Counseling Psych MA
Farris Nicole Depth Psych Somatics MA
Ferron Tracy Engaged Humanities MA
Fielding Lucien Counseling Psych MA
Fierro Laura Clinical Psych PhD
Fisher Evan Psychotherapy PhD
Fisher Teresa Mythological Studies PhD
Flood Elizabeth Depth Psych Somatics MA
Foster Rachel Counseling Psych MA
Frank Jaffa Mythological Studies PhD
Freeman Nicole Counseling Psych MA
Goldson Lisa-Ann Depth Psych Somatics MA
Gonzalez Sherry Counseling Psych MA
Goodman Diane Jung Arch Studies PhD
Grant Julia Jung Arch Studies MA
Green Lori Jung Arch Studies MA
Hall Benjamin Counseling Psych MA
Hamilton Amanda Counseling Psych MA
Hansen Irvin Mythological Studies MA
Hanzlian Madden Karen Counseling Psych MA
Harper Leslie Comm Lib Ecopsych PhD
Hayen Cynthia Psychotherapy PhD
Heaton James Mythological Studies PhD
Henderson Sheridan Counseling Psych MA
Herrick Michael Counseling Psych MA
Hirk Jacqueline Clinical Psych PhD
Hofmeyer Ericka Clinical Psych PhD
Hornung Kristen Psychotherapy PhD
Horstman Shalee Depth Psych Somatics PhD
Hruska Lauren Engaged Humanities MA
Innerarity Skye Comm Lib Ecopsych MA
Irias Maryem Counseling Psych MA
Irish Rachel Clinical Psych PhD
Israelyan Hasmik Jung Arch Studies MA
Jackson Danielle Jung Arch Studies PhD
Janger Darren Counseling Psych MA
Jefferys Thomas Counseling Psych MA
Jimenez Orvananos Jose Maria Counseling Psych MA
Johnsen Kirsten Mythological Studies MA
Jones Laura Depth Psych Somatics PhD
Jones Jennifer Engaged Humanities MA
Kamenova Tsvetina Counseling Psych MA
Kampf Zachary Jung Arch Studies MA
Kaur Kuldeep Counseling Psych MA
Kelsey Khrystine Engaged Humanities MA
Khoie Gelareh Engaged Humanities MA
Kinkaid Samantha Comm Lib Ecopsych MA
Klatsky Gabrielle Counseling Psych MA
Knight Shara Jung Arch Studies PhD
Kramer Amanda Counseling Psych MA
Kuhar Bridget Counseling Psych MA
Laughlin Kiley Jung Arch Studies PhD
Lauterbach Jeffrey Jung Arch Studies PhD
Lazemizadeh Bahareh Counseling Psych MA
Lee-Herbert Beth Counseling Psych MA
Lefebvre Yvonne Depth Psych Somatics PhD
Leuenberger Elizabeth Jung Arch Studies MA
Leverett Kim Psychotherapy PhD
Lewis Stacy Counseling Psych MA
Literski Nicholas Jung Arch Studies MA
Lounsbury Mary Mythological Studies PhD
Lovig Heather Depth Psych Somatics PhD
Lynch Michele Depth Psych Somatics MA
Madden Selena Mythological Studies MA
Marelli Madhuri Jung Arch Studies MA
Matin Lyra Counseling Psych MA
Mazzola Lucia Engaged Humanities MA
McCray Jonathan Comm Lib Ecopsych MA
McEady Betty Depth Psych PhD
McGonigle Jill Counseling Psych MA
McNamara Lauren Engaged Humanities MA
Mellor Cacky Depth Psych Somatics MA
Mendenhall Margaret Mythological Studies PhD
Miller Kathryn Counseling Psych MA
Moir Melanie Counseling Psych MA
Narcida Mary Gayle Engaged Humanities MA
Niebergall Brooke Counseling Psych MA
O’Donnell Adrian Counseling Psych MA
Olivieri Georgianna Counseling Psych MA
Olson Tarin Clinical Psych PhD
Ortiz Daniel Mythological Studies PhD
Owens Bordy Mythological Studies MA
Paidas Stephanie Depth Psych PhD
Panchuk Myron Depth Psych PhD
Parker Kelly Counseling Psych MA
Patrick Patricia Depth Psych Somatics PhD
Pearson Rebecka Psychotherapy PhD
Perkins Joshua Counseling Psych MA
Perry Eric Clinical Psych PhD
Pesl Katrina Counseling Psych MA
Popkin Ryan Counseling Psych MA
Prung Crystal Clinical Psych PhD
Ragle Gregory Counseling Psych MA
Ramirez Mendoza Ana Maria Counseling Psych MA
Ratliff Paul Counseling Psych MA
Redding Rachel Mythological Studies PhD
Rees Oreet Depth Psych PhD
Ribotsky Kenneth Counseling Psych MA
Ridley Timothy Psychotherapy PhD
Roberson Rian Counseling Psych MA
Roccoforte Sherly Engaged Humanities MA
Ruth Robin Clinical Psych PhD
Ryan Cate Counseling Psych MA
Salomon Colleen Mythological Studies MA
Sargent Michelle Counseling Psych MA
Sawyer Lisa Mythological Studies MA
Sayyad Maryam Mythological Studies MA
Schefer Amanda Counseling Psych MA
Schlechter Kathryn Mythological Studies MA
Schwarcz-Besson Priscille Clinical Psych PhD
Seastrunk Alexandra Counseling Psych MA
Seger James Depth Psych PhD
Selkin Dene Counseling Psych MA
Selvage Bruce Jung Arch Studies PhD
Semerjian Margarit Counseling Psych MA
Shaw Darian Comm Lib Ecopsych MA
Sherk John Psychotherapy PhD
Sherk Debra Jung Arch Studies PhD
Short Brandon Jung Arch Studies PhD
Sidorchuk Anna Counseling Psych MA
Sivashov Natalya Counseling Psych MA
Skidmore Robert Psychotherapy PhD
Smith David Counseling Psych MA
Smith Vanessa Counseling Psych MA
Snow Carly Counseling Psych MA
Snyder Jane Counseling Psych MA
Springer Odette Mythological Studies PhD
Stier-Van-Essen Vanya Jung Arch Studies PhD
Stroup Robert Mythological Studies MA
Sulzer Katherine Mythological Studies MA
Svenson ReAnn Comm Lib Ecopsych MA
Tailor Tiffinie Counseling Psych MA
Thalji Nadia Clinical Psych PhD
Thom Ryan Counseling Psych MA
Tsioulos Demitra Counseling Psych MA
Turner Linda Depth Psych Somatics MA
Underwood Mary Depth Psych Somatics MA
Urban Dustin Counseling Psych MA
Varner Vicky Jo Jung Arch Studies PhD
Vaughn Jonathan Jung Arch Studies MA
Vincent Christian Psychotherapy PhD
Vogel Jennifer Counseling Psych MA
von Eggers Monica Psychotherapy PhD
Walton Charles Clinical Psych PhD
Warwick-Smith Kathleen Mythological Studies PhD
Wells Janet Depth Psych Somatics MA
White Shohreh Counseling Psych MA
Wiles Carmella Jung Arch Studies PhD
Wilson Darlene Counseling Psych MA
Winegarner Andrew Mythological Studies MA
Winter Casey Jung Arch Studies MA
Wolterink Elizabeth Mythological Studies PhD
Woods Jaclyn Counseling Psych MA
Zinda Elizabeth Comm Lib Ecopsych PhD


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