In Coming Home to Pacifica, Events, Reflections from the Chancellor

Dear Alums, 

These last weeks have opened something special at our School.  In addition to the many rewarding experiences in the classroom and the fulfilling interchanges in the hallways and on the grounds, our community hosted an extraordinary Alumni weekend, a beautifully attended book signing, guests from Brazil and Costa Rica, and yesterday an Informations Day at the Lambert Campus that was by all accounts warmly received, mission centered, and abundant. Graced by the presence of the rain, South Hall was literally bursting at the seams with prospective students from throughout the United Sates, Mexico, and Canada.  Proceeded by a Salon the night before, the weekend event was alive and vital. As we move toward the acknowledgement and celebration of our 40th anniversary year, I am reminded of what sustains Pacifica in times of global and institutional challenge.  The feedback I hear day after day from current students, from alums, from prospective students, and from outside visitors is, “When I walk onto one of the campuses, I feel graciously hosted, intellectually awakened, and touched by the beauty/spirit of the place.”  

Yes, of course, in a complex community there are dissenting voices and experiences. Yet, our evolving model of shared stewardship, with it’s emphasis on collaboration and personal contact is obviously being felt by those who interact with us. The soul of Pacifica, the psyche moving through community life, visible and invisible, remains active and muses our engagements as we tend to the circumstances of the present and listen into the pull of the future.  

These past weeks offered a wonderful expression of what lives at the heart of Pacifica. So many in our community contributed to what makes Pacifica a truly unique and special place to work and study. For me, the Alumni “Coming Home” weekend was wonderful.  One experience in particular that I remember (among so many others) was sitting beneath the big tree across from the dinning area, listening to alums tell their stories, and yes, gossiping a bit about what it was like to be on campus as students. We laughed, and cried a bit out of nostalgia (tears of homecoming). I will be traveling to Utah and Saint Louis in the months to come to meet with regional alum groups. I am looking forward to continuing building a heartfelt community that touches lives and brings our sense of purpose into the world.  

With gratitude and heartfelt appreciation. 

On behalf of our collective contributions,

Steve Aizenstat

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