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An Alumna Author Reflects on “Coming Home”

by Annamarie Fidel-Rice, Ph.D.

I loved participating in the Alumni weekend! Standing there with my book was wonderful and humbling.  It is my life’s work, and the main reason I wanted it published was to help people – and from the feedback I am receiving, that goal is being met.  I couldn’t have written that book without Pacifica creating such a respectful and loving container to work and complete my Ph.D. coursework!  I really struggled with starting my program almost 20 years ago because of my niece’s death.  Because I did, a vessel was created for my heart and soul through the teachings of Alchemy – this medieval process – to be the tender of my writhing grief.  I wrote a paper a quarter about my grief, and unbeknownst to me, these papers became the chapters of my dissertation that I transformed twelve years later into my book.  I am forever grateful to Pacifica and the opportunity for my heart and soul to heal and thrive in order to tend others in their sorrow and grief.

It is wonderful to follow my book and see where she takes me!  This summer I head to Florence to teach on my book at the Florence Seminars.  It’s quite amazing what continues to happen because of my book.

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