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2017 Alumni Coming Home
Dream Offering

January 28, 2016

Seamstress spins a new dream into the world – as babies cry new life…scream “wildness” from the edges!
There’s nowhere to hide or run or escape to. There’s no ducking out – only opening your eyes wider, your hearts more, your arms as wide as you can.
Love is hope – there is room there.
Sacred soul is still alive in the bloodbath of it all… It is there, it is here among us all…
Mercy visits – open the door.
I can’t see you, You can’t see me – But I feel your animal breath, warmth, your heart beats like mine.
Sightless baby floats helplessly in terror. Reconnecting with Mother to path of love and future of peace.
Drifting baby, sunken eyes – cannot abandon, cannot despise.
Baby Elijah enters the room and the horror is too great.
Your Baby. My Baby. Everyone’s Baby.
Who’s strong enough to love this abandoned baby? Come, oh come, Mother Goddess and help us.
But my baby girl died – And I don’t know why.
In a single moment of soulful awareness – darkness, light, silence, sound – find their voice.
Hear me mother, hear my cry; I’m lost, so lost and blind. Oh my child, how could this happen? I see you.
I see you, I touch you, I hold you, I love you. You are safe.
Don’t cry for me mother, I am young And new. Hold me to your breast, so I can NURSE on hope.
Baby, baby, I didn’t want you and all the ugly responses from the world. Now, I know I’m the world who rejected you.
I’m yours forever dear one. Use me as you might, The Anima Mundi will do it & get it right!
I embrace this baby Birth from blood & torture – I hold it in my heart With hope & love.
“In the Darkness, a blood & loss of vision pained to my heart in this 9th Inning of the King. Love! Freedom! Keep seeking our “broken Queen!”
Don’t reject – serve – and protect.
I know you from then, and then, and then – why was it she that brought the chills this time?
Slave mother brought you the baby. Baby’s eyes filled with blood. Your eyes filled with tears. A humble calm – Touch the untouchable.
No matter how man enslaves woman, woman must love, nourish and nurture baby.
Take into account … The Feminine has become Hidden & Lost – We’re holding her captive, At Mother Earth’s cost.
She’s not safe. She’s not safe. She’s not safe. She smiles. The baby’s eyes are plucked-in.
Love the baby in us all, For they shall never fall. Heaven reign O’er us all, Love thy neighbors small.
It grows as it should with Love, More disturbingly, it is able to grow without love.
When something new is made grotesque, fleeing won’t restore vision and sense.
No mistake, no blame, mine eyes have seen the glory.
The Gift must be Embraced, Lest Blindness Beget Blindness. This is the time for acting from the wounded places.
Everything you are feeling is real. It is all horrifying right now and you will not look away but you don’t always have to eat their fire.
An assault upon killing what is innocent. Stuck. Stuck moving through the nightmare.
In your nightmare with you, present I am. As pain exits the wound, healing moves in.
We cannot forget of the healing that is needed in the fearful heart.
Let go, let be, let love. We heal.
Distraught and Vulnerable – Hold on and through the fear, love.
You hold on with everything you’ve got to what you know in your bones is love.
Loving beyond our limitations, We can heal the world.
Take from the orchid only what it is willing to give.
How does a mother’s heart bend When her baby’s soul it lends… to all of us.

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