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Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies (JSSS)
2020 Conference
Liberty and Justice: Shadows of Freedom

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8-11 July 2020
Warwick Rittenhouse Square Hotel

The deadline to submit proposals for the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies (JSSS) 2020 conference in Philadelphia on the theme of “Liberty and Justice: Shadows of Freedom” is approaching fast. You have until 15 January 2020 to send us your paper, panel, roundtable, workshop, artistic, or creative practice presentation proposal.

Jungian psychology is not well known for being socially engaged. Yet the core Jungian idea of individuation in which the world is gathered to oneself suggests that Analytical Psychology is at heart a social psychology. Individuation, as distinct from individualization, offers many challenges. How is it possible to be ourselves in a world that is rife with division, inequality, war and fear, all set against the backdrop of an ecological crisis? What does it mean to gather the world to oneself when it is in such a dire state?

We invite you to actively participate as we gather in Philadelphia to bring our multi- and transdisciplinary perspectives to bear on these and other questions in response to the conference theme.
Submissions must be made online at the conference website by
15 January 2020 (strict deadline).
All submitters will be notified by 29 February 2020 regarding acceptance.

Thank you so much!


2020 Conference Keynote Panel

~ Fanny Brewster ~ Wendy Cheung ~ Nuria Ciofalo ~
“Impacts of Jungian Theory and Practice on Development of
Liberty and Justice”

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