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2022 Pacifica Graduate Institute Commencement Information



ROOM 1 Morning – V & W Tracks

9:00 – Welcome & Introductions

Joanna Walling – V Track RA


9:15- Nadia Al-Yagout – V

“Alchemizing the Witch’s Curse:
Reclaiming the Orthorexic’s Relationship to the Sacred Feminine”

Advisor: Marilyn Owen


9:30- David Darick – V

“The Ineffectual Father:
Reimagining Archetypal Fatherhood and Masculinity”

Advisor: Jackie Toth


9:45-10:00 Break


10:00- Daev Finn – V

“The Three Graces of Fairy Tales and the Villain With a Thousand Faces”

Advisor: Jorge de la O


10:15- Jennie Oppenheimer – V

“Blessed Unrest:
The Brilliance of Adolescence Reframed Through the Lens of Depth Psychology”

Advisor: Ifat Peled


10:30- 10:45 Break


10:45- Welcome & Introductions

Ben Heilveil W Track RA


11:00- Rebecca Stevens – W

“Eating Disorders:
The Shadow Over Pregnancy”

Advisor: Tom Steffora


11:15- Kaitlin Dougherty – W

“Antiracist Therapy:
“The First Revolution is Internal””

Advisor: Tom Steffora


11:30-12:00 Morning Panel

12:00-1:00 Lunch


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ROOM  1 Afternoon –  C Track

1:00 Welcome & Introductions

Gioia Jacobson – C Track RA


1:15- Laura Birchard – C

“The Curious Bottle: Unconscious Communication in the Relational Field”

Advisor: Ben Heilveil


1:30- Caroline Tudor – C

“Embracing Color: The Role of Understanding Multiracial Identity in America’s Anti-Racist Movement”

Advisor: Kathee Miller


1:45- Pamela Soffer – C

“Singing the Song of the Earth: Creating the Ecological Self Through Ecopoeisis”

Advisor: Kathee Miller


2:00-2:15 Break


2:30- Mallory Kujanek – C

“Self-Harm and the Soul: A Depth Approach to Understanding Self-Harm”

Advisor: Alonso Dominguez


2:45- Kristina Berger – C

“Similarities Between Chemical or Psychological Addiction and Cult Membership: Treatment for Cult Exit”

Advisor: Michael Elliott



3:00-3:15 Break


3:15-Evans Wittenberg – C

“Transference Dynamics in Psychedelic Therapy: A Relational Perspective”

Advisor: Angela Mohan

3:30- Kenna Groat – C

“Incorporating Depth Psychotherapy Into
the Treatment of Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures: Bringing the Unconscious Into Consciousness”

Advisor: Angela Mohan


3:45- Amanda Chase – C

“Re-Imagining Therapy With Children: Addressing the Hidden Effects of Developmental Trauma”

Advisor: Angela Mohan


4:00- Adam Marx – C

“The Story That Changed My Brother’s Death: Archetype, Metaphor, Meaning, and the Transformation of Loss”

Advisor: Steve Rowley



4:15-4:30 Break



4:30-5:00pm Afternoon Panel & Closing


Room 1 Zoom Credentials    pM2FPVjYrU1d1VlhkcFdMTWR3dz09


Meeting ID: 972 8292 6790

Passcode: 079514




ROOM 2- D Track

9:00- Welcome & Introductions

Tom Steffora – D Track RA


9:15- Leanna Immel – D

“Tracking Grief:
An Exploration of the Archetypal Patterns of the Bereaved”

Advisor: Joanna Walling


9:30- Kristina Marshack – D

“The Role of Mental Representations and Selfobject Experiences in ADHD Symptoms and Treatment”

Advisor: Ben Heilveil


9:45-10:00 Break


10:00 – Rebecca Gasperoni – D

“From Hysteria to Histrionic Personality Disorder: Gender Bias in Mental Health Diagnoses”

Advisor: Angela Mohan


10:15- Nitaña Rey – D

“The Neurodiversity Movement:
Reframing Autism, Reconceptualizing Normality, and Reimagining Treatment”

Advisor:  Angela Mohan


10:30 – Liliana Frandsen– D

“Stitching Through the Unknown:
An Exploration of Story Cloths as a Therapeutic Tool for Caregivers”

Advisor: Angela Mohan


10:45- 11:00 Break


11:00- Lauren Vallee – D

“Constellating Solitude:
The Path of the Hero and Orphan Archetypes in Individual Sport”

Advisor: Kathee Miller


11:15 – Alon Dina – D

“Flowing Through Trauma With Expressive Arts”

Advisor: Michael Elliott


11:30 – Evan Reinhold – D

“Complexity and Attachment Theory in Conflict Transformation: Ceremony as Bridge”

Advisor: Michael Elliott



11:45-12:15 Morning Panel & Closing


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