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PGIAA Covid-19 Survey Results

Once it became clear that COVID-19 would have a lasting impact on alumni/ae, students and our country-at-large, PGIAA’s Board mobilized to survey our alums on key pandemic topics.
We received responses from over 120 alums who shared their perspectives on unprecedented challenges. The responses reflected a diverse array across various geographies.
The data provided key takeaways in:
  • Pandemic planning
  • Radical changes to travel
  • Remote work and social distancing
  • Handling positive tests
  • Managing time
We found the results to be enlightening, and we hope you do too.

Introduction text for the scope of the survey, outcomes, and planned implementations of results, etc.

1. How have you suffered?

2. Do you have support available to you?

3. Do you have elective ways to personally manage discomfort, stress, and/or anxiety in your daily life during this time?

4. Would you be interested in sharing your successful strategies for navigating your life during this pandemic with PGIAA?

5. Would you be interested in hearing from others about what strategies they have found to be useful?

6. Would you like to be connected with other Pacifica Alumni during this time?

7. Which Zoom gatherings would you find useful?

8. Feeling ‘Zoomed Out’: Would it be more beneficial to you to have a weekly, one-to-one check-in call from a fellow Pacifica alumni?

9. Would you like more community contact and information to be provided by PGIAA through emails, Social Media, phone calls, Zoom gatherings?

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