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Pacifica Graduate Institute 2022 Virtual Commencement Plenary Session Details

May 28th, 2022
11:00am to 12:00pm Pacific Time

Individual programs will be in touch with students and faculty regarding programmatic afternoon ceremonies details, such as start times and Zoom links. Students will receive their caps and tassels prior to commencement, and the turning of the tassel may be incorporated into the afternoon pro- grammatic ceremonies. Please visit Pacifica’s 2022 Commencement webpage for more information.

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Plenary Session Speakers:


Joseph Cambray, Ph.D. CEO-President Commencement Address
Thyonne Gordon, Ph.D. Board of Trustees Chair Opening & Closing Statements
Maren Hansen, Ph.D. Founding Member, Pacifica Faculty & Author Invocation
Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D. Chancellor Emeritus, Founding President Note from Chancellor Emeritus
Peter Rojcewicz, Ph.D. Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs Academic Announcements

Eleanor Fishburn, Chairwoman, Barbareno Band of Chumash Indians, Opening Blessing


Heesun Kim, Dissertation Student, 2021 President’s Award Recipient Student Representative


Harry Grammer, Ph.D. Past President, PGIAA Board Alumni Association Representative

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