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Myth Salon with Clyde Ford & Pato Banton: Ubuntu

On Tuesday December 20 at 5PM Pacific, the Myth Salon will close out the year with an incredibly special gathering to support the Ubuntu film project with grammy-nominated African musician PatoBanton and award-winning director Kudzai Tinago, who will be joined by Dr. Clyde Ford, author of Hero With an African Face, and Mac Davis Ngwa, a Nigerian radio personality and founder of theMacDavis Charity Foundation and a Blue Ribbon Worldwide Ambassador.

The Myth Salon is honored to be part of the worldwide effort to produce the Ubuntu film documentary that is planned to be shown at the Parliament of World Religions next year.  It is expected that parts of the films will be screened during the Myth Salon.  It is worth noting that the participants will be coming to us live from Africa, where it will be 2AM local time. We thank all of them in advance for burning the midnight oil!  Also, please note this Myth Salon is on Tuesday – not Thursday.

Here is the link to register for the Ubuntu Myth Salon on Tuesday, December 20 at 5PM Pacific

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