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Jung’s Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul under Postmodern Conditions

April 28  –  May 1, 2022

Can we find value, individually and collectively, in Jung’s Red Book for a time like ours, which is so deeply overcast by the Umbra Mundi (“World Shadow”)? Both the Coronavirus pandemic and the international political crisis and war threat that we are facing right now inevitably shadow all our thoughts as we prepare this Eranos Symposium on “Jung’s Red Book for Our Time”. On an even larger scale, we recognize that we are facing a world historical transition in human culture without the guidance traditionally offered by grand narratives or collective myths. A similar mood of deep anxiety about the future overshadowed the world when C. G. Jung began working on his Red Book in 1913. In response to his “Spirit of the Times,” Jung embarked on an inner journey with “the Spirit of the Depths” and created his Liber Novus, a work that reflects his discovery of a personal myth. His approach to the problems presented by the spirit of his times also has prescriptive significance for our times. The Red Book has the potential to offer guidance for people living under the disruptive conditions of the first half of the 21st century. This potential will be explored by the speakers and participants in this Symposium.

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