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Dreams and Your Personal Journey – Free Dreams Summit, January 14-17

JungPlatform is pleased to announce a free, 4-day dream summit, January 14-17.

Dreams can be practical, helpful and prophetic. They can help us deal with the complexities of daily life and are amongst the most helpful experiences we can use in our personal development. But, how do we fully relate to these gifts from our inner world?

During this 4-day Summit you’ll engage with the varied perspectives of 12 expert dream and depth psychology workers to guide you towards harnessing the power of dreams. They will share varied perspectives, techniques and make old wisdom accessible as they guide you in how your application of these expressions from the other world can aid your own development journey.

Do you need answers to matters related to your own personal relationships, vocation, health and overall well being?

Dreams were a foundational part of Carl Jung’s work. During the Summit you’ll discover how your dreams can be utilized to not only answer complex questions, but also how to truly harness the creative power of dreams in new and different ways.

>>>For more information and registration, click here.<<<

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