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Calm, Clear, Composed Mind Meditation Practice
with Stacy Zumbroegel

Calm, Clear, and Composed Mind is a practice series that builds stability of mind and loving awareness through daily meditation. Monday through Friday, 7am, you will have an opportunity to gain support in a shared meditation practice. Stability of mind and loving awareness are foundations to being able to stay present and feel all that life has to offer.

We will be practicing Shamatha meditation, or breath awareness, which is appropriate for all levels; from those who have been practicing a lifetime to those who are new to spiritual practice. The practice is simple yet fortifying in that it is geared toward cultivating mental calmness and clarity, which in turn, grows wisdom.

In this time when so many people on our planet are suffering from respiratory distress, our shared breath becomes more valuable more potent to the whole of humanity. With so much being stirred in our collective, it is a wonderful opportunity to have a meditation practice that settles the storm and rests the mind in its natural state of awareness.

This May series is being offered on donation and is open to anyone who would like to join. Please feel free to share with your family and friends.

May 4th to May 29th
Monday through Friday
7:00am to 8:00am, PT  (4pm to 5pm Europe)
(join anytime in the series)

Join Zoom Meeting

Sessions are held on dana or donation basis.

Payments can be made to Paypal or Venmo @Stacy-Zumbroegel


Please email me if you are interested in joining a practice group that will focus on how to work with discursive thinking and difficult emotions.

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