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The final Empowered Author’s Academy Workshop of 2015 is this November 7th & 8th in beautiful Ojai. Your community reaches a wide variety of authors and hopeful authors that may need that extra push to help them on their journey of being a successful, published writer. I am thrilled to share all the lessons I have learned and am hoping for your assistance in finding my next group of new voices.
In preparation for the next academy, we are offering a $100 affiliate commission per sign up, and we will give your audience $100 off their admission for your help to promote Empowered Author’s Academy.
Here are all the details:
Share the information about Empowered Author’s Academy with your friends between October 5th and October 30th
Commission Structure
Your affiliate commission is $100.00 of the course tuition, your personal affiliate code is: Pacifica

Target Audience
First-time authors
Published authors looking for ways to increase book sales
Self-published authors, or those planning to self-publish
Coaches and business owners who want to expand their audience
Authors seeking a traditional publishing deal
Anyone with a dream to write and publish a book
Why should your audience/friends be interested in Empowered Author’s Academy?
Ask our past graduates:
“Zhena’s Author Academy has exceeded all of my expectations. She has generously pulled back the curtain and showed how the publishing world works. With this information, I am now ready to begin my writing journey”
~ Dani B. Carpinteria, CA

“It was like getting a PHD in book publishing.  Zhena over delivers with a generosity of spirit and love. The in’s and out’s of everything you need to bring you back to the world from your heart.”
~Rikka Z, Santa Barbara, CA

“Zhena’s Author Academy opened my eyes to the reality, joy, and accessibility of being a published author. Her warm heart and spirit came across in everything we learned and it was absolutely inspiring.”
~ Aleesa D, Los Angeles, CA

“Zhena’s Author Academy packed 10 weeks of course work on book publishing and marketing into a two day workshop. Not only did the academy deliver on the nuts and bolts of the industry but empowered me to move forward as a conscious creator with confidence and free of self doubt”
~ Kim P., Santiago, Chile
“I LOVED Zhena’s sharing of her experiences of wisdom. She gave me a clear and concise picture of what a publisher will look for in a book proposal and an insiders guide that has empowered me to finish my book”
~John Burgos, Santa Barbara, CA

How It Works
During the week of October 10th (we know, it’s now!), we’d love for you to make your audience an offer a $100 savings for the class. Simply get this information out to your friends with your personal discount code before October 30th!
Please Join Us As an Affiliate!

Swipe Copy:
An amazing event is coming up that I want to share with you: Empowered Author’s Academy with Enliven/Simon and Schuster publisher Zhena Muzyka. At Zhena’s Empowered Author’s Academy, you will dream up and clarify the book you want to write and even complete your book proposal! You will learn the behind-the-scenes business of publishing and meet other writers to collaborate with. Make this the year you get your book into the world!

The Empowered Author’s Academy workshop will give you the knowledge needed for successfully clarifying what you really want to write about and how to write it for, and promote it to, readers who will resonate with your message. Whether you’re planning to self-publish, or want to land a book deal, you’ll walk away with your book proposal and a clear plan to publication.
What You’ll Accomplish:
*Get clear about the book YOU want to write.
*Gain the courage and positive habits to COMPLETE your book!
*You’ll complete the first draft of your book proposal, or your book launch plan if you already have a book deal.
*You’ll have the hands on coaching and guidance by other successful authors and editors.
*You’ll get clear on your book’s audience & how to find them, AND create a monthly action plan to reach them!
*You’ll learn how to negotiate for the best publishing contract.
*You’ll uncover more knowledge of yourself, increase your motivation, and clarify your book’s mission–all of which will obliterate your resistance and fear.

Who is Author’s Academy for?
First-time authors without a book deal (yet!)
Seasoned authors looking to optimize their careers
Business leaders who want to publish
Coaches who want to publish
Health care practitioners who wish to publish
Chefs and home cooks who want to publish cookbooks
Bloggers who want to maximize their blogs for a book deal
Already published authors looking for ways to increase book sales and revenue from publishing
Self-published authors 
Anyone with a dream to write and publish a book

Author’s Academy is a 2-day in-person writing retreat with Atria/Simon & Schuster author, Enliven Books publisher, & NYT bestselling guest speakers

This workshop is for a limited small group, in an intimate setting, as a group, we will dig in to each book proposal or book marketing plan.


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