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The Mythology & Depth Psychology of Octavia Butler

a discussion with Ayana Jamieson, Ph.D.

Thursday, December 17th
6-7:30 pm PST

While award-winning speculative and science fiction author, Octavia E. Butler, passed away nearly fifteen years ago, 2020 has been a big year in her career. Her novel Parable of the Sower, written in 1993, just hit the New York Times Best Seller’s list for the first time this fall, while Ava Duverney, Viola Davis, and others continue to work to bring her works to the small screen, adapting her novels Dawn, Wild Seed and Kindred for television.

Over the last several decades, Butler’s prescience in Parable of the Sower has not gone unnoticed. Set in the 2020s in Los Angeles, this novel references a nation beset by climate change, widespread illness, economic collapse, scarcity of necessities, and yes, a zealot politician running on the platform to “Make America Great Again.”

In this salon with Depth Psychologist and founder of the Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network, Ayana Jamieson, we’ll explore the Mythology and meaning of Octavia E. Butler’s empathetic and remarkable science fiction. In addition to her role as founder of the Legacy Network, Ayana is also an expert on Butler’s life and work, the Butler archives at the Huntington Library, and a collaborative colleague to numerous other modern authors influenced by Butler’s work.

Salome Institute Director, Satya Doyle Byock, will be in dialogue with Ayana throughout this salon. Having been immersed in multiple Butler novels since the beginning of COVID social distancing, Satya is excited to talk with Ayana about how Depth Psychology and Butler’s works intersect.

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About Ayana Jamieson, Ph.D.

Ayana Jamieson, PhD
Ayana Jamieson is a Depth Psychologist and is the founder of the Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network, a global community committed to highlighting Octavia Butler’s life and work while creating new works inspired by Butler’s legacy. The Legacy Network grew out of Ayana’s research for her doctoral research on Butler’s life. Her dissertation is entitled, ‘Certainty of the Flesh’: A Biomythographical Reading of Octavia E. Butler’s Fictions. She is an organizer, educator, and teaches ethnic studies courses at California State University Polytechnic, Pomona.

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