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The PGIAA 2021 Coming Home Awards Evening,
October 20!

Join us for an evening of hope and celebration!

PGIAA 2021 Awards Evening
Wednesday, October 20, 2021
4:00-6:00 p.m.

Awards Full Broadcast

2021 Coming Home Awards Program

Musical Prelude
The ‘Peace’ Trio

Welcome to our Evening of Hope
Harry Grammer

Land Agreement
Lorraine Warren

Chumash Blessing
Eleanor Fishburn

Official Welcome
Joe Cambray

Moments of Hope
Councilman Oscar Gutierrez

Musical Interlude
The ‘Peace’ Trio

Poetry Reading
Sojourner Kincaid Rolle

— Awards —

The President’s Award

Heesun Kim
Dissertation Student
DPT Program
Presented by Joe Cambray


The Chancellor Emeritus Award for Community Service

Erik Talkin
CEO Santa Barbara Food Bank
Presented by Harry Grammer


The Chancellor Emeritus Award for Excellence

Alisa Orduña
2021 PhD CLIE
Presented by Stephen Aizenstat


The Chancellor Emeritus Service Award

Roland Palencia
2020 MA
Engaged Humanities
Presented by Stephen Aizenstat


The Wendy Davee Awards for Service

Mary Miles Carroll
2014 MA Couseling Psychology
Dissertaion Student
CLIE Program
Presented by Holly Reusing


Dahkotahv Beckham
2021 MA Counseling Psycholgy
Presented by William James Jones/Jemma Elliot


The Chancellor Emeritus Pathfinder Award

Howard Spector
2004 MA Counseling
Presented by Charles Caldwell


Walter Odajnyk Memorial Scholarship

Marcene Gandolfo
3rd Year Mythological Studies Student
Presented by Stephanie Zajchowski


Emeriti Faculty Acknowledgement

Mary Watkins
Christine Downing
Willow Young
Avrom Altman
Presented by Peter Rojcewicz


The Abakanowicz Research Fellowship

Sarah Maria Acosta Ahmad
3rd Year Student
CLIE Program


Kristina Yarbrough
3rd Year Student
CLIE Program

Presented by Susan Greylock Yusem

— Closing —

Harry Grammer

The ‘Peace’ Trio


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