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Next Saturday, April 6 – my good friend and colleague Dr. Raïna Manuel-Paris will be holding an all-day workshop at the University of Philosophical Research in Los Feliz, which is enjoying the flowering of a relationship with Pacifica and the Myth Salon.  Her workshop is entitled: The Cradle and the Crown.  Here is the link to workshop itself:

For a full list of the activities, lectures, workshops and presentations at the University of Philosophical Research, please visit their website:

I would also encourage you to become aware of the regular Tuesday evening talks by UPR President Greg Salyer. His new series is on Love, and the first in the new series on Tuesday, April 9 at 7pm is The Geography of Love.  

We have an invigorating community of mythic scholarship that is kept alive by our participation in one another’s activities.  I encourage you to look into Raïna’s workshop and Greg Salyer’s President’s Talks. I will share with you that every activity I have attended at UPR is worth suffering through the intolerable drive across town from Santa Monica.

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