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Sometimes all the science of happiness, positive psychology is the study of what makes people happy. While traditional psychology focuses on psychological problems and their treatment, positive psychology explores how individuals can leave happier, more fulfilled lives. Building on the work of Abraham Maslow and William James, founders of positive psychology (Jahoda, Csikszentmihalyi, Seligman, Diener) began researching what makes certain people happier, and how others can also embrace happiness. There are seven attributes that happier people seem to have: one or more close relationships, a sense of caring, exercise, being in flow, spiritual engagement and meaning, discovering their strengths and weaknesses, and having a positive mindset–expressing optimism, mindfulness and gratitude.

The benefits of gratitude have gotten a lot of press lately, and it’s not surprising. It generally helps people change their perspective and feel better. When you count your blessings express gratitude for them, you’re laying the groundwork for better overall happiness. Gratitude just changes your mood.

This is a 30 day Gratitude Project for Pacifica students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Join me and a daily expression of gratitude. Each day you’re asked to count your blessings and announce–out loud—your daily expression of gratitude. Can express her gratitude to someone you know, just someone you don’t even know, or on social media. We will begin July 1, 2015. Join me in our Gratitude Project, and making the world a happier place!
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Dr. Francesca Ferrentelli has been practicing for nearly 20 years.   She received a bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University in 1982. She received her Master’s degree from Lindenwood University in 1993, and she received her doctorate from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2003

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