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Sharing exciting news! Over a year in the making, I am excited to announce this new academic publication, published by Inter-Disciplinary Press, which I co-edited with the brilliant Dr. Sjoerd-Jeroen Moenandar from the Netherlands, and authored a chapter.
Not Ever Absent: Storytelling in Arts, Culture and Identity Formation.

This volume presents analyses of storytelling in various appearances: from ancient myths and oral history, to transmedia narratives and digital stories. Different forms of narrative are analysed, as is the use of storytelling as a method for e.g. counselling, education and research. Throughout twenty-five chapters, a compelling overview of recent research on the topic is provided, both stressing the omnipresence of storytelling and exploring what storytelling is and isn’t.

In this book, storytelling is seen as an endemic form of human communication that has always played a central role in the formation of cultures and communities. All cultures define themselves and their place in the world through their stories. Similarly, our identities are largely constructed as narratives, and it is with the aid of storytelling that we manage to conceive of ourselves – our selves – as meaningful wholes. Thus, storytelling is not ever absent: it is to be found in literature, social life, in the places we visit and the buildings we live in.

The book can be bought online here:
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Not Ever Absent: Storytelling in Arts, Culture and Identity Formation | Inter-Disciplinary Press
In twenty-five chapters, different forms of storytelling…

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