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When the Light Breaks Through:

Understanding Kundalini Experiences Through Psychology, Body, and Story

By Dana Swain

Kundalini is a spiritual, energetic force inherent in every human being and is well known in Eastern philosophies and religions. But for Westerners experiencing this force without cultural context or knowledge, it can be disconcerting or even frightening.

When the Light Breaks Through offers a contemporary and practical look at kundalini, combining historical, academic, and scientific research to help readers better understand kundalini. Dana Swain addresses a wide range of perspectives—from the biological to the psychological to the spiritual.

Interweaving depth psychology with real-life stories of Westerners sharing their kundalini experiences, including those of Swain herself, you’ll get a down-to-earth look at the challenges and possibilities that arise as kundalini itself arises. Each storyteller dialogued with the author not just by reporting their stories, but also by spontaneous art-making, creative writing, and accessing the wisdom of the body. You’ll follow along in the evolution of each participant’s understanding of how kundalini impacted their life in meaningful ways. You’ll also read about:

• Cross-cultural perspectives and some historical context about kundalini
• Eastern and Western approaches to kundalini and the process of transformation
• The anatomy of kundalini and the subtle body
• Recent neuroscience research on kundalini and common physical symptoms and effects
• Examples of intensified dream life, synchronicities, and the arising of psychological material and its integration.
• Resources that may help you in your own spiritual journey.

Kundalini is a doorway into the unimagined depths and breadth of human consciousness. It offers the possibility of re-imagining what it means to be human and also profoundly connected to the larger cultural, ecological, and cosmic spheres. If you’re curious about kundalini or are experiencing it yourself, When the Light Breaks Through provides accessible insight into what it means to live and work with the energy of kundalini.

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About the author:

Dana Swain Phd, REAT, CPCC, is a Pacifica graduate and Jungian depth psychologist, personal development coach, kundalini meditation teacher, and writer. She lived overseas for 14 years in Angola, Africa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Jakarta, Indonesia, and now calls Northern California home. Dana loves to inspire folks to be their most magnificent selves, which in turn inspires her. Her happy place is her garden or her kitchen, or curled up with a book and one of her very spoiled cats.

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