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Depth Psychology Alliance: The Dreamwork Summit, April 18-22

In cooperation with the Shift Network, the Depth Psychology Alliance is proud to once again co-sponsor The Dreamwork Summit, April 18th – April 22nd

Register now for this completely free, four-day event!

Join us for free access to presentations by over twenty speakers all focusing on Dreamwork from a variety of perspectives!

The Depth Psychology Alliance does not usually sponsor outside events, but the Shift Network’s dreamwork summit is always an exception. Dreams are at the very heart of what we do in depth psychology, and this event provides our members with a unique opportunity to learn from a variety of dreamwork specialists. Speakers include world famous author and Jungian analyst, Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., author and storyteller Michael Meade, and a diverse array of practitioners from a variety of backgrounds, the Dreamwork Summit features over twenty speakers in all – and all completely free!

Additionally, if you decide to continue on and study with any of these practitioners, by registering through this e-mail announcement, you will be supporting the Depth Psychology Alliance!

During this 4-day free online event, you’ll discover a variety of dreamwork methods that can help you reframe and work through painful experiences, ease stress, and provide new perspectives on your challenges — and even break through lifelong blocks to start living the life your soul intended for you.

Remember, this is a completely free event!

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