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October 28 – December 13, 2019
An Online 6-Week Course with Craig Chalquist, Kelly Carlin, Kwame Scruggs, Erik Davis, and Mary Wood

International participation is encouraged and welcome.

Registration Fees

  • $695.00 – Pacifica Student Rate
  • $895.00 – Pacifica Alumni, Full Time Students, & Senior Rate
  • $1095.00 – General Rate


The online Certificate in Applied Mythology brings together master teachers with participants eager to enter the magical world of mythology, where deep sources of wisdom can illuminate contemporary turns of life and fate.

Drawing on the sacred stories of many times and places, the Certificate invites you to apply what you learn to a variety of life areas, including self-development, love and family life, work and career, spirituality, consciousness, and personal creativity. You will also learn and practice the crafts of storytelling—including the science behind why it’s so effective—and ceremony creation for workshops and professional presentations.

Explore the inner, storied dynamics of current events: politics and power, science and technology, the media, the environment, religious and spiritual traditions from around the world, all from the standpoint of ready comprehension (no academic expertise required), everyday relevance, and practical application.

This online, 6-week Certificate is designed so that story lovers from any location or time zone can participate.

Certificate Modules (6 weeks):

October 28th
Individuation, Vocation, and Personal Myth – Fully embrace your own mythic journey with an introduction to the wisdom and significance of creative mythology (Joseph Campbell’s term) for understanding yourself—including glimpsing the larger mythic story behind your biography.

Instructor: Craig Chalquist, PhD

November 4th
Sacred Storytelling and Cultural Mythologies – The world’s spiritual cultures and communities have storied for us a vast repository of insights for wise living and benevolent relations with each other and ourselves. Learn more about what these traditions can offer us for facing contemporary concerns and daily events.

Instructor: Kwame Scruggs, PhD

November 11th
Myths in the Media – Archetypes like Trickster, Villain, and Hero have not disappeared into ancient texts: they are bursting forth from movies, podcasts, YouTube, and other public venues. How would you like to enter the digital theater and mingle with mythic presences returned to life on every side?

Instructor: Kelly Carlin, MA

November 18th
Techgnosis:  Imagined Intelligence and the Future Real – This module explores how mythic motifs, images, and plots recur in contemporary technology and its edges of invention. Who, mythically, stares back at us from our screens, from autonomous vehicles, from the depths of artificial intelligence? How do smart devices hint at amulets and talismans?

Instructor: Erik Davis, PhD

December 2nd
Creative Ceremony, Art, and Ritual – In this module learn to craft and present the tales that matter most to you, whether for small audiences or large, summoning the mythic force of your creativity to imagine a contribution to the time and place in which you find yourself.

Instructor: Mary Wood, PhD

December 9th
Restorying Nature: From Apocalypse to Renewal – In a time of planetary peril, what can myths, fairy tales, and folk tales tell us about realigning ourselves with the natural world? What dangers does myth predict, and where does it move us forward? What might it mean to live in the light of Earthrise?  This module completes the Certificate.  Participants will be encouraged to complete a final project summarizing their learnings and key takeaways from the program.

Instructor: Craig Chalquist, PhD

Program Format:

Every week you will learn from audio or video lectures and presentations by program instructors; online discussion of lectures and readings with our presenters and other students; and links to other resources. Lectures will be recorded for participants to maximize participation for international attendees. Assignments will center on the Discussions forum, where participants will respond to course content.

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