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Behind the Strings – An Interview with Wedding Harpist Jeanne Martin

Jeanne Martin, PhD is a musician of many interests and talents, and the harp acts as the link connecting her passions. With 15 years of experience behind the strings at weddings and events along the Central Coast, Jeanne’s musical gift has been widespread and she has performed at some of Santa Barbara’s most beautiful venues. Her style spans many genres from classical and love songs to rock and pop.

Santa Barbara Wedding Style connected with Jeanne to get the inside scoop on how she approaches weddings and her favorite music to play on couple’s big days.

Q – What is your music specialty?

A – My repertoire combines music from many genres, but my favorite is to arrange Classic Rock love songs for the harp strings, and then play them in a beautiful setting.

Q – What are your thoughts about scheduling a dance set between cocktails + dinner? Yes or no, and why?

A – Of course that is up to the couple, but I’d say to have one very special dance song between cocktails and dinner.

Q – What is the #1 advice you give to couples planning their wedding with you?

A – I would like them to know that I will do everything to tailor my music to fit who they are, to help create a special ambience for this memorable day.
Please let me know who else will be with us, parents/children, so I can include music they would recognize too.

Q – What is your favorite first dance song, and why?

A – “Perfect” and “The Way You Look Tonight” because of the lovely the melody and lyrics.

Q – What is your favorite last song, and why?

A – “A Thousand Years” because it symbolizes eternal love, ending the evening on a good note!

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