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APA 2018 Convention in San Francisco, Thursday, August 9 at 4 PM at the Marriott Marquis Hospitality Suite:
Pacifica Alumna, Dr. Gina Belton (2017 Depth Psychology)will present and facilitate conversation on the work of the APA Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology, Indigenous Psychology Task Force with Dr. Louise Sundararajan and Dr. Richard Katz:
“Indigenous Healing Psychology: Embodiment of Spirituality and Service for Psychology”

Chair—Dr. Louise K. W. Sundararajan, PhD, EdD
Participants—Richard Katz, PhD and Gina Belton PhD

With sixteen charter members who came together within a month or so, the Task Force on Indigenous Psychology was up and running without a hitch. Within one year, the Task Force had 62 members from over 20 countries around the globe. In two years, the Task force has evolved into a burgeoning international community of researchers in cross cultural, cultural, and indigenous psychology, as well as related fields, such as anthropology, sociology, and linguistics.

What brings this group of people together is their concern and interest in moving the field of IP forward. With more than two hundred members around the globe, the Task Force has a Website: and a dedicated publication outlet: Palgrave Studies in Indigenous Psychology:…/HR_A41373_Indigenous_Psych_ima….
These developments help to advance the objectives in our mission statement below:
Vision and Mission

  • To make a mission statement or manifesto for indigenous psychology that is congenial to the indigenous psychologies across the globe.
  • Dissemination of knowledge concerning indigenous psychology through conferences, journals, and edited volumes.
  • Promoting online debates and exchanges across the globe on issues concerning indigenous psychology.
  • Serving as resources, via our website, for the global community of indigenous psychologists.
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