Dr. Melvin L. Allen

Melvin L. Allen holds both a Master of Arts degree and PhD in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a Master of Arts degrees in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica.  His research is focused on women and the birth of the single professional woman. His dissertation on Motown Music: The Unconscious Impact of Motown Music on the Psyche of African American Women unfolded how the unconscious impact of lyrics influenced romantic choices in men that led to divorce and created the fertile soil for their daughters to become single professional women.  His study of Carl Jung’s typology led him to become one of less than 25 master certified Myers Briggs practitioners in the state of California and one of 235 in North America listed on the Myers Briggs website as an expert in using and teaching Meyers Briggs. In addition to being a certified life coach for over 20 years, Dr. Allen has volunteered to work with women in prisons for over 10 years.

Dr. Melvin Allen, along with his wife, Dr. Sherrie Sims Allen also a Pacifica graduate, has designed 2-day relationship intensive boot camps for couples lacking skills and tools in how to create and maintain a consciously loving relationship. Melvin and his wife also conduct relationship seminars and workshops for couples and singles across the United States using the Myers Briggs typology. Dr. Allen is founder of the Living Audaciously Men’s Mastermind Group and co-founder of the Living Audaciously Women’s Group that he facilitates with his wife.  Together, the Allens have co-authored a book, The Allen Method: Exploring the Unconscious Blind Spots in Relationships Through the Lens of Myers Briggs, to be published in 2019. 

Although he has been a writer, author, media personality, lecturer, and relationship strategist, he feels his greatest accomplishment to date is being a hospice volunteer for over 13 years.

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