Kathleen KillianSanta Barbara, CA

    Kathleen Killian (Counseling Psych 2005) lives in Carpinteria, California where she writes, teaches, and serves the California Marriage and Family Therapists of Santa Barbara as Co-Chair of Programs and Educational Forms. She is a graduate of Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and studied abroad at the American University of Paris, France. Kathleen holds many degrees, including an MBA! She is currently completing her dissertation as a Ph.D. Candidate in the Depth Psychology with an Emphasis in Psychotherapy Program. Her dissertation topic focuses on Transcendental Meditation as an adjunct to the therapeutic experience. The topic was inspired by Kathleen’s own clinical experience for individuals suffering from a variety of symptoms and stress. With increasing evidence that sustained stress can have serious pathologic effects, and modern medicine’s lack of adequate remedies for these effects, many clients are now trying meditation for their stress-related disorders. Her research works closely with Dr. Robert Boyer from Maharishi’s Universality of Management in Fairfield, Iowa a non-profit dedicated to exploring the Vedic principles of therapy and Maharishi’s Vedic Science®.

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