Jessica BlaschkePortland, OR

    Jessica Blaschke (Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology, 2014) is in private practice in Portland, OR. She specializes holistic psychotherapy, where body, mind, soul and relationships are all carefully tended and integrated. Her education began with a BS in Health Psychology; Integrated Wellness, which included a wide range of healing modalities including nutrition, naturopathic medicine, eastern and indigenous healing practices. The Pacifica counseling program was a wonderful addition to this foundation, in that it moved from a focus on the body to a focus on the psyche, soul and collective. In practice, Jessica always asks, “What is under the surface? What is the root cause?”. This approach applies to everything from complex trauma responses to relationship challenges to autoimmune diseases. In the future she hopes to continue her education with a PhD in Integrative Health and Healing Practices, as well as continuing nourish relationships with members of the Pacifica communities and other healers.

    In her personal life, Jessica strives for a life of rhythm, simplicity and enchantment with her two young daughters. They enjoy urban homesteading, hiking, camping, cooking, traveling and finding joy in the small wonders of life.

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