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Diversity and Inclusion Council Meeting Minutes
Monday, February 13, 2017 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Ladera Campus – Conference Room Behind Barret Center

Attendance: Jeff Abraham (Staff Rep), Joe Cambray (Executive Rep), Jorge de la O (Faculty Rep), Rae Johnson (Faculty Rep), Jana Hendricks (Student Rep), Lauren Lastra (Staff Rep), Lizzie Rodriguez (Student Rep), and Meghan Sandoval (Staff Rep)

  1. Update on Current Action Items:
    • Forms Task Force to amend for third gender inclusivity
      • Student Subcommittee will lead this project and give information to Staff Subcommittee
    • Non-Binary Gender Inclusive Restroom & Shower Facilities
      • Single stall restrooms with signs noting Non-Binary Gender Facility signs have been received. Signs and lock will be installed by the end of March (3 at Ladera campus and 6+ at Lambert campus)
      • Multi-stall restrooms will receive new signs noting users to select the restroom that matches the gender they identify with.
        • Rae will provide wording to DIC. DIC to approve and submit to IMC for approval. Once approved by IMC, Staff (Jeff A.) will install new signs. Communication will be necessary for student to understand new policy with resources and contact person should they have questions or concerns.
          • “We demonstrate our commitment to an inclusive experience in many ways. We welcome our transgender community to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity. An all gender facility is located at _____.”
        • Shower facilities will require more thought and planning due to building infrastructure.
      • Disability Staff/Faculty Reference Guide – Meghan S. is working on developing a Disability Service Reference Guide for staff and faculty to use when they are working with a student with a disability.
        • Pending
      • Learning differences concerns
        • Lizzie R. requested to Safron of Academic Excellence to include pedagogy of diverse learning styles.
        • Concern will also be discussed at Chairs meeting as well as Program Assessment Committee meeting.
        • DIC Webpage – Lauren L. will work with Alain D. to create a DIC page on the PGI site.
          • DIC Mission Statement Approved and can be added to the DIC page
          • Core Values can be added to the DIC page
          • Bio and Purpose statement of all DIC members
            • DIC members will provide Lizzie R. with a photo, bio, and/or purpose statement by March 10, 2017
            • Faces of Pacifica – Lizzie R. is working with Nikole on creating a digital spotlight of diverse faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Will start with PGAII spotlights and award winners.
            • Webinars and information about microaggression and implicit bias can be added to the website. Lizzie R. and Jana H. will collect this information and send to Lauren to work with Alain.
          • Newsletter
            • Jana H. will work with Lauren L. on providing content for DIC article for Communitas newsletter. Lauren will forward this article Marketing to add to the newsletters distributed to students and alumni and to Alain to add to DIC webpage. It was also requested that Dissertation Defense schedule be announced in the newsletters.
          • Student Handbook Revision – Student Subcommittee will lead revisions to include information about the DIC.
            • Will also include information about Microaggression and definition of prejudice, stereotyping, oppression, and the importance of inner work on privilege.
            • Change “tolerance” language.
          • Suggestions for others to attend meetings to provide information
            • New Director of Human Resources to discuss faculty recruitment
            • Director of Admissions to discuss student recruitment
  1. Subcommittee Roundtable
    • Faculty Subcommittee Update
      • Phase I of DIC Rubric
        • Rae J. and Jorge d. are meeting with program chairs. Completed: Somatics, DJA, and Engaged Humanities. Pending: Counseling Clinical and PsyD and CLE
        • Craig Chalquist is the new Accreditation Liaison who will follow-up on Rubric once established.
      • Staff Subcommittee Update – Nothing new to report
      • Student / Alumni Subcommittee Update
        • Student and Alumni Subcommittees will merge until new Alumni rep has been recruited and mentored.
        • In response to student concern of lack of diverse faculty, a transparent plan for diverse faculty recruitment has been requested. This can be posted on the DIC webpage when prepared.
        • Students have requested that Dissertation Defenses are made available. A link will be added to the Communitas newsletter as well as the Student/Alumni newsletters provided by Marketing.
        • Phase II of Student DIC rubric – Encourage Student Engagement
          • Jana H. will contact Chairs to see if there are diversity or ally groups taking place in their programs that can be highlighted in newsletters and websites. Joe C. will announce this at the Chairs meeting to expect to receive an email from Jana. Lauren L. will provide Chair contact information to Jana
          • Student DIC meetings to be added to session agendas when requested – Cohort specific – not at discretion, but mandatory when students request.
        • Required class on micro-aggression and implicit bias
        • Student Subcommittee Budget Request
          • Mailchimp Subscription – Jeff A. will provide PGI account information
          • SurveyMonkey Subscription – Jeff A. will provide PGI account information
        • Roommate Placement process considering non-binary gender identified students.
          • Meghan S. will support Student Services in this process.

Next Meeting: Lauren L. will send out doodle with suggested dates for next meeting (May/June)
* Craig Chalquist as WASC representative will attend future meetings in place of Joe Cambray

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