November Myth Salon

As we move past the months of daylight savings time into the days where every day has a little less light, I’m motivated to pause for a few moments to give thanks for all the blessings we are [...]

Myth Salon: June, July and Summer BBQ

Greetings everyone… As summer is finally approaching and the weather seems to be heating up, The Myth Salon is looking ahead to a spectacular lineup of fresh new perspectives. We are excited to [...]

February & March Myth Salon

Greetings everyone,   As we move ever closer to Valentine’s Day, we are following up on the quite wonderful Myth Salon we enjoyed last month with physicist/philosopher Dr. Jesse Bettinger [...]

May Myth Salon Recap

On Wednesday May 3, members of the Los Angeles Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association held a Myth Salon at the home of Dr. Dana White, adjunct faculty and alumnus. Moderated by Dr. Will [...]

The Myth Salon by Dana C. White, PhD

The Myth Salon Dana C. White, PhD Adjunct Faculty and Alumnus, Mythological Studies The Myth Salon emanated from the desire to create a setting and a program format to experience the substance of [...]

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