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Seeking Community Feedback on Police Oversight

Santa Barbara Community Formation Commission – Survey Help Needed

It’s finally here!  After a year of diligent research and hard work, we have a set of draft recommendations for community to review and provide value feedback.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Pacifica Graduate Institute are an important part of our community and their input would be a valuable contribution.  As an education institutional leader in the Santa Barbara community, my hope is that PGI would be willing to share this opportunity to have a voice in this important process. Included in this email is a sample email template you can use to send to your network, FAQs, and flyers in both English and Spanish. The survey link closes at 11:59PM on 3/22/22 so I encourage you to send this information out to your network as soon as you are able.


As you may know, in late 2020, the Santa Barbara City Council established the Community Formation Commission to guide the creation of a civilian oversight system for the Santa Barbara Police Department. The group that came together has spent the last year researching, deliberating, and putting together a set of draft recommendations (available in both Spanish and English) for the kind of civilian oversight entity that would best meet the specific needs of Santa Barbara’s many communities and experiences.

We need your help as valued partners!

We are now entering the phase of gathering broad community feedback on these draft recommendations. The CFC Community Outreach Survey is available in English and Spanish, and we’re asking for your help in forwarding it to as many of your staff, stakeholders, and networks as possible. We have provided a sample email for you to circulate, with the links and a QR code, to post or distribute in whatever way works best. If you would like to request physical paper surveys, please contact the commission and City Staff Liaison at the email addresses below.

These surveys are completely anonymous. All questions are optional and demographic information will be requested on a voluntary basis. We’ve also compiled an FAQ page about the survey, attached below. The survey link will close at 11:59 pm on March 22nd, 2022.

Information gathered through the Community Survey will be analyzed and reported on in aggregate by our consultants at the Center for Court Innovation in a memo that will be available to the Santa Barbara community. The Commission will use the community’s feedback to further refine the draft recommendations before they are presented to the City Council in April 2022.

If you have further questions, you may also reach out to me, the Commission as a whole at our email address, or by contacting our City Staff Liaison

Thank you in advance for your partnership and participation,

Lizzie Rodriguez
On behalf of The Community Formation Commission

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