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Dear Alums,

I am writing this to you at a time of “recovery” as Pacifica. Though our upper campus on Ladera Ln. remains in the mandatory evacuation zone as repairs to neighborhood infrastructure continue, our lower campus on Lambert Rd. is now open. Both campuses are secure and safe. Neither campus was directly impacted by the fires nor the mudslides. While we join with others and grief the losses that many in our community incurred, we also experience a profound gratitude. We are thankful to the first responders, gathered here in Santa Barbara from places near and far. Working 18 hour shifts in some instances, these brave women and men sacrificed so much in order that damage was kept as low as possible. Their wok continues, as does our own. We tend to those who have suffered loss, we tend to the creatures and the landscapes that are experiencing displacement and disorientation. And, too, we come together as community and tend to our emotional well-being. The dream that is Pacifica Graduate Institute, the dream that mused our community from the beginning shines brightly this day. The radiance of psyche moves through our community in seen and unseen waves of compassion, care, and beauty.


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