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WANT ADS: Community Resource Sharing


Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Want Ads


Place a “Want ad” on the alumni webpage to call fellow alumni into one time or on-going partnerships.

Have you dreamed of:

  • Pacifica like-minded persons to write with
  • A Pacifica book club group
  • A Pacifica on-line group to discuss current events
  • Pacifica professional resources for exploration and answers
  • A Pacifica research partner

Place a want ad on the alumni page and find your fellow dream tender.

Complete this form (below) and send a copy to Patricia Taylor at Your want add will be reviewed and you may be contacted for any clarifications ,if needed. The ad copy will be placed on line with your email contact information. If you have any other desires relative to how to contact you, etc . please add in your email when you forward your ad to Patricia.


Sponsored by Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association Human Resources Committee

Contact Patricia Taylor PhD, (Depth 2007)


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