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A strong response to the Alumni Survey 2014!


Sincere thanks to the 814 alumni who contributed to the 2014 fall survey!

These voices represent slightly under 30% of all Pacifica graduates. We are especially appreciative that this robust response provides a representative snapshot of the career paths and interests of our alumni, especially with time limitations and the fatigue that many of us have with surveys in general.
Analysis Stage

Pacifica’s Institutional Learning office are analysing the responses for trends and patterns related to the survey’s focus, including services which may be offered by the Alumni Association. This includes an analysis of requested services according to geographic region, program, and years since graduation. The Alumni Association shared a preliminary preview of these results at Coming Home on 16-18 January 2015. We will publish further results of the analysis on this website soon. Stay tuned!

Preliminary outcomes

Pending a deeper analysis and comprehensive report of the survey outcomes, already your Alumni Association has been working to implement a number of your requests. You told us that you’d like forums to present your research, projects and creative practices – so we included a Poster Session (weblink) and Alumni Authors Book Faire (weblink) to showcase your work at Coming Home.   You told us that you wanted an online alumni directory (weblink) and current reading lists for programs (weblink) – and so we’ve included these on the new website!

What’s next?
As the survey analysis proceeds, your Alumni Association will keep you updated and will continue to develop priorities for services – such as continuing professional education and career development – from the analysis. Faculty and staff will reflect on the implications of occupational trends for program development. Ongoing program reviews and accreditation reports will be able to incorporate more nuanced descriptions of educational outcomes. In these various ways, our connections will be continually reinvigorated.
Stay tuned! Survey results and analyses will be published on our site.


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