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PGIAA Summer 2015 Newsletter





Our students and alumni reflect Pacifica’s global presence and we will continue to have a lasting impact on the world. Quite a statement! As we think about Pacifica’s Mission and our hopes for the Alumni Association, we are reminded about the role each of us has in continuing this legacy by ensuring that all students enjoy the same opportunities.


Greetings from the Chancellor

On the eve of our 40th Anniversary Year of the inception of Pacifica, I was particularly touched by the events at the May Information Day at Pacifica. That day was particularly inspiring and emotionally rewarding. The Pacifica soul-body was nourished by wonderful faculty presentations, and our staff was gracious as they embodied the hospitality that lives at the heart of our core values. All Department teams were truly outstanding in personal and professional ways. And, perhaps, most touching was our Alumni/ae. Their presentations of the transformational experiences they experienced while attending Pacifica was nothing less than profound. Many of us had tears in our eyes as Liz Rodriguez, Abner Flores and Angela DeVita offered their accounts of the work they are doing in their communities and in clinical practices. Their accounts inspired the many prospective students gathered for that first day on campus. Remember your first day?

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Letter from PGIAA Board President Elect – Charles Caldwell

Today is summer solstice when the sun shines longest and the year reaches its apex. It reminds me of some lines from a lovely poem by e.e. cummings entitled I Thank You God:

     i thank You God for most this amazing
     day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
     and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
     which is natural which is infinite which is yes

We are all so fortunate to be on this amazing journey! Even when we encounter the trials and tribulations of daily life or the many injustices around the globe, the world calls out to us to remain grateful…grateful for all the blessings we have and share together.

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Whitehead Conference

Patricia Taylor

Excitement, pride and tender reunion characterized the collaboration of three Pacifica Alumni at the Seizing an Alternative Toward an Ecological Civilization held June 4 – 7 at Pomona College in Claremont, California. The conference was inspired by the thoughts and work of American theologian, philosopher, and environmentalist John Cobb, Jr. He is regarded as the preeminent scholar in the field of process philosophy and process theology. Cobb has argued that humanity’s most urgent task is to preserve the world on which it lives and depends, an idea which his primary influence—philosopher and mathematician Alfred North Whitehead –described as “world loyalty”

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Spotlight: “Tending the Soul” — Harry Grammer, Founder of New Earth

Sometimes information about a person crosses our desk and we are buoyed by inspiration that such a wondrous individual lives. Harry Grammer, founder of New Earth and alumnus of Pacifica Graduate Institute, works with youth in the juvenile justice system and is opening a charter school this fall for youth emerging from that system.  Oh, and he’s also completing a Ph.D in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and Eco-Psychology on the side!

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OPUS Archives & Research Center – A Look Inside

What can OPUS Archives do for you?  It’s a fair question.  From our perspective, we provide a wide range of primary source material for your research:  published and unpublished manuscripts, lecture notes, audio recordings, correspondence, field notes, photographs, even personal artifacts.  All from some of the leading figures in the field of depth psychology including Joseph Campbell, Marija Gimbutas, Jane Hollister Wheelwright, Joseph Wheelwright, James Hillman, Marion Woodman, Christine Downing, Katie Sanford and Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig.

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Project Gratitude: Francesca Ferrentelli

Sometimes all the science of happiness, positive psychology is the study of what makes people happy. While traditional psychology focuses on psychological problems and their treatment, positive psychology explores how individuals can leave happier, more fulfilled lives.  Read More >

Graduation – A Rite of Passage

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Pacifica’s MA Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life: 

We offer a hybrid (online with one 4 day residential each quarter) master program designed for the challenges of the twentyfirst century in making people creative, more responsive to changing paradigms and technology, more authentic, grounded, psychologically healthy, insightful, intuitive and effective.  Read More >


Walter Odajnyk Scholarship

Pacifica Graduate Institute announces the formation of a scholarship fund set up by current and former students to honor the memory of Dr. V. Walter Odajnyk, a beloved faculty member from 2002 until his death in 2013.  Read More >

 On the Move

Mitch Torina Appointed Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

The Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education has appointed Mitch Torina as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources effective on July 1, 2015.  He previously served Assistant Superintendent of Student Services.

Kay Todd

There are many gifts I have received from my time at Pacifica. One of the many is that Pacifica has offered me multiple lenses in which to view the world. As a nonprofit leader I utilize the theories of Jung, archetypes and the collective unconscious, with mythology/story to merge organizations, and to bring new life and vision to volunteers and staff.  Read More >

Congratulations PGIAA New Officers and Committee Members!
The results are in! Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association (PGIAA) proudly announces the new Board of Directors who will serve during 2015-2016.

Let’s make this year one of the best and brightest!

President – Charles Caldwell, MA Mythology 2005
Vice President – Thomas Lyon, MA Counseling 1998
Secretary* – Beth Boardman, PhD Mythology 2012
Treasurer – Kay Todd, PhD Depth 2004
Sergeant-At-Arms – John Michael O’Neal, MA Counseling 2000

Jo Todd, PhD Depth 2006 – Regional Coordination-Chair
Patricia Taylor, PhD Depth 2007 – Human Services, Chair
Holly Reusing, PhD Depth 2015
William James Jones, MA/Doctoral Candidate
Suzanne Cremen Davidson (Term Expires September 2015)
*Beth Boardman also serves as Alumni Services, Chair

Upcoming Events
Yale Conference • July 9-12th, 2015

The Alumni Association is happy to report that over a dozen alumni (and some current students), and several faculty, are heading to Yale University to present their research at the Fourth Annual International Association for Analytical Psychology and International Association for Jungian Studies joint conference in July!

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Summer & Fall Workshops

Pacifica Graduate Institute announces summer workshops, seminars and teleconferences. Programs will take place at both the Ladera Lane and Lambert Road campuses in Santa Barbara.

Programs include:
• Dream Tending: A Practical Approach to Dreamwork with Stephen Aizenstat
• Ecotherapy: Nature Reconnection as a Powerful, Transformational Healing
Practice, with Linda Buzzell
• Sacred Encounters: Yoga, Meditation and Depth Psychology, a weekend
conference with multiple presenters
• Coming Home to the Body: The Legacy of Marion Woodman, collaboration
between Pacifica Graduate Institute and the Marion Woodman Foundation

Writers’ workshops includes:
• Storytelling and Archetypal Activisim, with Craig Chalquist
• Inside Story: Building Powerful Narrative from the Inside Out, with Dara Marks
and Deb Norton
• Your Story Accelerator: Bring Your Story to Life and Put Your Ideas into Action,
with Thyonne Gordon
• Hunting and Gathering: Seeking the Shards of our Patterned Plot with Dennis
Patrick Slattery

For additional information click here:

PGIAA: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

–  Membership Page for PGIAA Website (work in process with initial draft to be sent for review shortly)

–  An Evening with (Matt Bennett, Thomas Elsner or another Pacifica Faculty Member for the Santa Barbara Community

–  My Pacifica:  Alumni/ae Reflections on the Pacifica Experience

  • We are currently seeking update for our My Pacifica:  Alumni Reflections page of the website – If you have not recently visited our PGIAA’s webpage, please do so and note that these
  • Shared experiences now rotate on our homepage and are linked to the My Pacifica page. Click here to visit –
  • We would certainly like to highlight your experience and urge you to consider submitting for the page!

–  Seattle Gathering – An Evening with Cally Huttar (a no host event that will offer area alums an opportunity to hear Cally’s Poetry and chat). Date to be announced.

–  Yale University Conference (PGI-PGIAA Reception on Friday, July 10th) – Nicole Miller(New York Regional Coordinator et al will host)

–  PGIAA Coffee Collections (planned opening date November 2015, will be hosted conversations on the Ladera (possibly Lambert Campus on Wednesdays and/or Fridays)… information gatherings to chat about our collections (i.e., Myth, Depth, DJA, Counseling, Humanities and more -hosted by our Regional Coordinator and volunteer alums who simply want to chat!)  Stay tuned for additional information!

–  Educational Symposium 2015 collaboration with other local colleges and universities –Tentative Dates September 18-19-20, 2015.

–  Pacifica Alumni Talk! (based on the “Ted Talk” format), we will embark on new territory with a Gala Launch later this year).  Stay tune for more information.  Contact Alumni Relations to volunteer support for this event!  The name is tentative and we welcome suggestions.

–  Coming Home 2016 – Tentative Dates are January 15-16-17, 2016. (Date approval pending)

–  2016 Film Festival (tentatively scheduled for September 2016)


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