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PGIAA Second Quarter Newsletter (May 2015)


Dear Pacifica Alumni San Bernardino and Riverside Counties,

I hope your Winter turned smoothly into Spring this year and that everyone’s plans and aspirations continue to evolve.

Our region now has FaceBook presence. Please request to join our new group.

A primary purpose of the FB page is to give ourselves opportunities to puff up a bit, let others in on our upcoming publication dates, or whatever news might be seeking a share or two. Please Post. Often. (See my share below)

Once we have a sense of who we are, it might be fun to meet in small salon-type groups in homes, libraries, or coffeeshops. Air-conditioned, of course.


Remember our home site where we may view our Association’ s national landscape. It’s a perfect resource to check into during one’s summer travels-an opportunity to visit and participate in other regional events!

If you have yet to register/join, remember to locate the portal in the upper menu bar. There’s so much news on the site I will simply encourage you to enter and partake.

We are seeking photos for our regional FB page. Please contribute.

I’ll be in the Middle East after this weekend’s Commencement ceremonies at Pacifica, conducting post doctoral research, so this email is the best way to communicate with me for now. Meanwhile, I’m wrapping up the school year by reading and grading student essays. Tempus fugit.

So, write a few lines and let us know how you are coming along post Pacifica!

Dr. Jet Bland
Mythological Studies, 2014


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