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  • Announcement for Alumni event in Washington DC!

    Susan Rowland, Ph.D, Chair of the Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life program and professor in the Doctoral Program in Jungian and Archetypal Studies program at Pacifica, will be joining us for our next gathering. She will be lecturing at the Jung Society of Washington on Dec 4th and leading a workshop on the 5th, after which she will be joining us at Viva Goettinger’s house for our gathering. We hope you can join us for the gathering and/or her workshop!

    Viva Goettinger and her husband Robert Weems will be hosting our potluck in their beautiful home.

    Please RSVP to Grace Porter at or (425) 765-6208 and bring a potluck dish to share. I will provide you with the address after you RSVP to avoid spreading Viva’s address too widely on the internet…

    Date: Saturday December 5th, 2015
    Time: 4:30pm

    Susan will be giving us a short presentation on Shakespeare and archetypes and goddesses in mysteries followed by lots of Questions and Answers and open conversation.

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