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Irma Continues Its Assault: 9 Deaths Reported In Florida, Georgia, South Carolina


At least nine people have died in the United States as a result of Irma, which continues its assault on the Southeast as a tropical storm.

Five deaths have been attributed to the storm in Florida, including two deaths in Hardee County, one death Orange County, one in St. Johns County and one in Winter Park. Deaths were also reported in Georgia’s Worth and Forsyth counties and the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs.

South Carolina saw its first death Monday when a man was killed by a falling limb in Calhoun Falls as he worked outside to clear storm debris.

The situation is dire in Charleston, S. Carolina, as flooding engulfs the city, prompting officials to declare a flash flood emergency.

According to the National Weather Service, the combination of extremely high tides combined with heavy rain has resulted in dangerous flooding throughout the downtown area.

Meanwhile, a flash flood emergency was declared for downtown Jacksonville Monday as Irma continued to batter Florida with damaging winds, heavy rain and storm surge.

Water is rising in the downtown area of Jacksonville as the winds switch to the south, pushing water northward into downtown, according to the National Weather Service.

“Jacksonville suffered a double whammy of storm surge pushing in from the Atlantic Ocean, backing up the St. Johns River, then over 8 inches of rain that couldn’t drain to the ocean,” senior meteorologist Jon Erdman says.

A tweet by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is warning residents in Zones A and B along the river to “get out now.”

More than 26 river gauges in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina are in major flood stage.




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