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Florida will rebuild after Irma, but we need to have a climate change discussion


Letter to the editor:

When the destruction of Hurricane Katrina caught our country basically unprepared, people didn’t want to talk about climate change; it was too fresh and not the right time.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook, gun control discussions were resisted by the political right because things were too raw and it was not the right time. When Nebraska and Oklahoma were ravaged by tornadoes and loss of life because (among other things) building codes did not require basements, which are the safest places to be in a tornado, it could not be discussed. Again, it was not the right time.

And now, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma through the Caribbean and Florida — accentuated by the historically warming waters — global warming cannot be mentioned because … you guessed it, it’s not the right time.

Of course, none of those was the right time to talk about those issues because the right time would’ve been years ago, but it’s the best time because it’s when we have the most time left.



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