Myth Salon: June, July and Summer BBQ

Greetings everyone… As summer is finally approaching and the weather seems to be heating up, The Myth Salon is looking ahead to a spectacular lineup of fresh new perspectives. We are excited to [...]

Myth Salon: April – Patrick Mahaffey, May – Maeve O’Donnell

A gentle reminder that the Myth Salon with Dr. Patrick Mahaffey, founding chair of Pacifica’s Mythological Studies program and current core faculty, will take place the week after next [...]

February & March Myth Salon

Greetings everyone,   As we move ever closer to Valentine’s Day, we are following up on the quite wonderful Myth Salon we enjoyed last month with physicist/philosopher Dr. Jesse Bettinger [...]

MYTH SALON and PGIAAAnnual Summer Gathering

On Tuesday July 24, the Myth Salon will have the very special honor of welcoming Keiron Le Grice, who will enchant us with a presentation on Archetypal Astrology and the Arts. Dr. Le Grice is a [...]

Myth Salon: April – Raïna Manuel-Paris; May – Jerome Bernstein

The Myth Salon serves those involved with Jungian, Depth Psychology and cultural studies.   Each month, attendees gather in the living room of Dana White’s Santa Monica home from 7-9pmand is [...]

Announcing March and April Myth Salons

Announcing March and April Myth Salons: On Thursday March 22, the Myth Salon will be visited by Michael Gellert, author of The Divine Mind: Exploring the Psychological History of God’s Inner [...]

January and February Myth Salon Announcements

Greetings everyone and welcome to 2018! I am very pleased to announce our January and February Myth Salons! On Wednesday January 24, David Liu will join the Myth Salon to explore the deep wisdom [...]

We Sure Love Our Hero Myths, Don’t We?

We Sure Love Our Hero Myths, Don’t We? by Cathy Diorio July 31, 2017 We sure love our hero myths, don’t we? Reaction to John McCain’s dramatic last minute vote on the Senate healthcare [...]

The Inside Story: A discussion with Dara Marks, writer and script consultant

July 12, 2017 The Inside Story A discussion with Dara Marks, writer and script consultant Time: 7:00 pm  – 9:00 pm Location: Home of Dana White in Santa Monica (Address will be provided [...]

June and July 2017 Myth Salons • Los Angeles Region

June 14, 2017 Time, Timing and Synchronicity A discussion with Christophe Le Mouel, Executive Director of the Jung Institute On Wednesday June 14, the Myth Salon will once again be joined [...]

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