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Carpinteria Valley Chamber Administrative Assistant Job Opening


Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce

Administrative Assistant Job Description


Overall Focus: Maintain a commitment to continue to offer a unique and exciting member and visitor experience by providing friendly service and excellent customer service at all times.

Specifically: The Administrative Assistant shall be responsible for:

  • Primary phone contact – 1st to answer calls
  • Primary chamber email contact
  • Assist with Social Media-create AD campaigns
  • Coordinate #meetmeincarpinteria events
  • Post events on various community calendars and social media platforms
  • Continuous outreach and support to business community members
  • Responsible for weekly Thank You calls for Membership Renewals
  • Assist with Chamber Events & Programs such as Mixers, Legislative Breakfasts, Culinary Crawl, etc.
  • Community outreach
  • Marketing of membership events and programs
  • Solicitation of Chamber raffle gifts for Mixers
  • Participate in various chamber member community events in an effort to network, keep informed and increase Chamber visibility at every opportunity
  • Primary visitor walk in greeter assisting all visitors upon arrival
  • Maintain organization of Visitor Lobby
  • Assemble Visitor Resident Relocation Packets and mail upon request
  • Maintain conference room schedule
  • Facilitate visitor requests
  • Perform various duties with a sense of serving member members while being a team player
  • Other duties as instructed by President/CEO


About the Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce

Cultivating / Connecting / Creating / Community

The Chamber is dedicated to creating a healthy local economy and building a strong environment for economic growth and sustainability. In ongoing efforts to achieve this lofty goal, we represent business to government, coordinate educational forums, host networking events, advocate for business friendly legislation, and promote community.

The Chamber is a 501 C (6) non-profit organization, funded thru chamber membership investments, sponsors, and fundraisers. We are a passionate team of 16 volunteer Board of Directors, 1.5 paid staffers, and nearly 300 enthusiastic members that generously share their time, talents, and treasures. Together we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the Carpinteria Valley and are proud to offer an energetic and sunny environment in which businesses can joyfully flourish!


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