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BASIC JUNG SERIES – The Vocation of Depth Psychology


BASIC JUNG SERIES – The Vocation of Depth Psychology

Saturday, March 03, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Presented by William Grevatt, Ed.D.

“I consider the vocation of depth psychotherapy to be a phenomenon unique to the twentieth century. It arises out of the modern discovery of the psyche.” (Edward Edinger, Science of the Soul, p.81)

This three-hour long experiential seminar will explore the vocation of depth psychology for licensed therapists who may be interested in pursuing this specialty. Through this exploration, we will address the defining attributes an individual should possess to pursue and complete training in this field, asking the questions; Is there evidence of a genuine calling to the work? Is there a well-developed ego that has attained an adaptation to the outer world? Does the individual possess moral integrity? Is there a living relation to the unconscious and to the objective psyche? Participants will examine these topics within dyads, triads, and larger group discussions focusing on their possible “calling” to the work.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the archetypal images underlying the practice of depth psychotherapy; the physician-healer, philosopher-scientist, and priest-hierophant.
  2. Describe how these archetypal images correspond to the therapeutic phases; treatment, dialogue, and revelation.
  3. Identify four major requirements important to the vocation of depth psychotherapy.


William Grevatt, Ed.D. is an educator and Jungian analyst who maintains a private practice in Culver City and Whittier, CA. He is the President of the C. G. Jung Study Center of Southern California, a training analyst and former Director of Training for the Study Center from 2011-2016. Dr. Grevatt has presented on such diverse Jungian topics as Typology, Dream Interpretation and Christian Mysticism.

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