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Autumn 2017 Newsletter


The arrival of autumn can be a time of loss for those who prefer the bright and carefree summer buzz. For others, the introverted coziness of fall is a long awaited retreat and opportunity for transformation. Although steeped in images of darkness and death, the autumnal equinox is an integral component of enlightenment. This new season ushers in the final balance between day and night before night prevails for a period, reminding us that we must face our inner darkness before we can return to the light. With Persephone as our guide, we are to harvest our fruits of summer in foresight of winter, and withdraw into the Earth, budding for our revival.
Written by Vanessa Setteducato (Counseling Psychology, 2017



Where: Holy Spirit Retreat Center in Encino
When: Friday, September 22, 7 PM.

Join us earlier for a picnic dinner in the center courtyard.



Where: Home of Kelly Carlin (Westchester area)

When: Friday, September 29, 6 PM – 9 PM
RSVP: Kelly Carlin at
Address will be provided upon RSVP

Please join us at our first gathering on the westside of Los Angeles.  We are lucky enough to be hosted in the home of Kelly Carlin.  This will be a great time to relax with your fellow alumni after a long week.  We hope to see many of you there!



Join us in welcoming Dr. Norland Tellez, a renowned artist and myth scholar, to the October Myth Salon. Dr. Tellez focused his doctoral dissertation in Pacifica’s Mythological Studies on the Popol Vuh and its alchemical nature, which he came to call the Mayalchemy of it’s Root Ancient Word.


Raïna Manuel-Paris, Ph.D. (Myth 2004) is a published writer of non-fiction, poetry and several scholarly articles, as well as a documentary filmmaker. Raïna speaks on several subjects including “Love: Primal agent of change”, and “The Major Arcanas of the Tarot as a Sacred Life Path”. She is happy to share her recently published article, “War, Trauma and Spiritual Transformation” included in the present edition ofPsychological Perspectives (see below for link to article). You can contact Dr. Manuel-Paris through her website,

Trauma, War, and Spiritual Transformation: A Mythological Perspective


Leanne Whitney, Ph.D (Depth Psychology, 2015) has studied the mind body connection for over twenty-five years and over the last fifteen years, their interdependence with pure consciousness. Her published papers include Depth psychology through the lens of Classical Yoga: A reconsideration of Jung’s ontic reality and Jung in dialogue with Freud and Patañjali: Instinct, affective neuroscience and the reconciliation of science and religious experience. Leanne lives in Southern California and works as a transformational coach, Yoga teacher and documentary filmmaker. She is excited to share that her book, Consciousness in Jung and Patañjali, was recently published by Routledge (see below for link). You can Contact Dr. Whitney through her website,

Consciousness in Jung and Patañjali



This has been a great summer for Pacifica Alumni gatherings! We are lucky to have such an engaged and active community. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all who attended the events this summer and we hope that this will inspire others to join us at the various alumni events this fall!

Our Annual Summer Potluck held on August 12, 2017 was a great success! Dana White and his wife Michelle Vercoutere hosted the alumni in their beautiful home in Santa Monica. Dr. Steven Aizenstat was an honored guest and gave a very spirited talk about his hopes for the alumni association. Many rich conversations were had and new connections made.  And as usual, Dana’s bbq’ed salmon was amazing!


The Myth Salon series is a topic-based small group that meets once a month in the home of Dr. Dana White (Myth) in Santa Monica and is facilitated by William Linn, Ph.D (Myth). Together the participants look deeply into current cultural issues, applying myth and depth psychological perspectives. This past summer, the Myth Salon hosted the following speakers:

  • In June, Christophe Le Mouël, Executive Director of the Jung Institute, facilitated a discussion about “Time, Timing and Synchronicity.”
  • In July, Dara Marks, writer and script consultant, spoke to the Myth Salon about the Transformational Arc.
  • In September, Dr. Charles Zeltzer, writer, a clinical psychologist and Jungian Analyst presented an alchemical work, Liber Mundi.

Please look for our upcoming Myth Salons this fall.  We hope to see you there!


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