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Chumash Land Honoring

We ask you to join us in honoring the Chumash peoples, their ancestors, their elders, and their future generations.

This statement of recognition and respect, though brief and incomplete, demonstrates a commitment by this institution and its educators to deepen our relationship with the local Chumash and Indigenous Communities and begin to work to dismantle the ongoing legacies of settler colonialism.

We come together to honor, stand up for, and give voice to, the unceded lands and waters of the Chumash and all their peoples.

The Chumash people are comprised of the descendants of Indigenous peoples removed from their Island of origin Limuw (Santa Cruz), Anyapac (Anacapa), Wima (Santa Rosa) and Tuqan (San Miguel), subjugated by 5 missions during Spanish colonization of the Central Coast, from Malibu to Morro Bay and inland to Bakersfield. The villages upon which this University sits were safe havens for maritime travelers; they throve with trading, hospitality, and abundance. These villages contained knowledge of and from the surrounding areas, far-and-wide, and they shared their knowledge with all people of this place and its many visitors. This institution sits in a traditional place of sharing knowledge and education, a tradition that Pacifica has an obligation to remember and continue.

As educators, friends, and allies, together we concede to mistakes and atrocities of the past. We commit to deepening our acknowledgement and relationship with the local Chumash and other Indigenous peoples. We intend to facilitate processes of healing and to honor local Chumash and Indigenous voices, embracing their traditional cultural knowledge of these territories, and listening to their values and wisdom as part of the healing of these lands and waters.

We would like to take this opportunity for us all to reflect on how the work we do here, in our search for knowledge, our opportunities to teach, and every day, in our chosen fields, affects these lands and the peoples of these lands that we work with and research to protect.

The damage that has been done and continues to be done by not sharing the true history and legacy in this place and others, and by the exploitation of the Natural Cultural Resources of these areas, can never be erased, there is no mitigation or research project that can make their communities complete again. We pledge to do better going forward!

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