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Minh Trần: “America Dreams” at LACPA’s Mirrors of the Mind 9 – June 6

LACPA’S Arts, Creativity, and Culture Committee is proud to sponsor a series of Artist Spotlights where we invite artists from our community of artists from Mirrors of The Mind 9 to give hour-long talks about their artistic process and their unique position as artists practicing in the field of mental health. Co-chaired by Dr. Pamela McCrory and Dr. Terry Marks-Tarlow.

On June 6th, from 7-8 PM PST
Minh Trần, M.A., L.M.F.T., will present

“America Dreams”

Explore the emerging notion of Matriotism—its budding reclamational epistemology, shifting ontological implications—and how the convergence of depth psychology and social artistry can serve to re-deliver this Earth-based consciousness into the times.

Minh Trần was born in Sài Gòn and left as part of the last wave of “boat people” in the late 1980’s. His first memory was of a refuge camp off the coast of Malaysia. Having grown up in the Little Saigon community of Orange County, California, Minh was nourished by the heritage of his Motherland while living the promise of the dreams of his Fatherland, America. His deep love for both, as well as holding the traumata of their 20th century’s history of war, Minh has begun to blend his love-of-land (or in Vietnamese it is “waters”/nước) to form a Matriotic way of life.


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