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Acquiring English as a Second Language


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As Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Director of Alumni Relations, Dianne Travis-Teague facilitates collaborations between the Office of the Chancellor and the Alumni Association to extend and nurture the Pacifica experience in the world. News & Notes collects her posts to Pacifica’s growing family of alums.


Acquiring English as a Second Language
Adquiriendo el ingles como segunda lengua

originally posted on 6 June 2012
Spanish translation by Alex Miranda, Chief Administrative Officer of Pacifica Graduate Institute
Photos  |  Nikole Hollenitsch


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DTT | Acquiring ESLL • 01:02

As our world shrinks, educational opportunities become increasingly international, employees who are fluent bilingual speakers are potentially a tremendously valuable resource. Most Americans are currently monolingual speakers of English, and are finding more and more that it would be highly advantageous to their professional lives if they spoke a second language. Armed with this inspiration, Abi Katz (M.A. Counseling Psychology, 1984) embarked on a personal journey to offer ESL (English as a Second Language) classes to our phenomenal housekeeping team! It’s been a journey of love and learning. Today marked three months of study, and the team celebrated with a special luncheon of Mexican fare. Abi says, “Teaching ESL, as an alum of Pacifica, was a culmination of two of my most important dreams.”

DTT | Acquiring ESLL • 02:02

Dado que nuestro mundo se ha encogido, las oportunidades para la educacion se han internacionalizado. Empleados quienes son bilingues son un recurso valioso. La mayoria de los Americanos are monolingues, y estan encontrando que el hablar otra lengua es valioso. Inspirada, Abi Katz (M.A. Counseling Psychology, 1984) embarco en un viaje personal para ofrecer classes a unos de nuestros mas valiosos empleados, las senoras de “housekeeping.” Este ha sido una experiencia de aprendizaje y amor.  Hoy se marco el tercer mes de estudios, y se celebro con un almuerzo de comida mejicana. Abi dijo “el ensenar ingles como una licenciada de Pacifica ha sido la culminacion de uno de sus suenos mas preciados.”


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