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About Us

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On behalf of the PGIAA Board and our active membership, please receive our thanks for your interest and participation in the Pacifica post-graduate community. Discover more about some of the volunteers currently supporting our many efforts by referring to the several selections with this About Us section, by investigating our Regional Groups, and by enjoying our News & Events features — any of which we hope you will feel welcome and invited to augment with your own activities, reflections, and contributions.


•| About Us
Register for membership in the Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association through the PGIAA website:

Frequently Asked Questions |
…wherein we attempt initial, concise answers to commonly received inquiries — and perhaps anticipate yours?

• About PGIAA |
Information about the organizational history, structure and functions, and mission and vision of the Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association.

• PGIAA Board of Directors |
Acquaint yourself with the supervisory team guiding the helm and charting the course of our alum community.

• PGI Director of Alumni Relations |
An introductory glimpse at Dianne Travis-Teague, Director of Pacifica’s Office of Alumni Relations, the Warrior Mother chief operating liaison between Our Alma Mater and Our Alumni Association.

• PGI Office of Admissions |
Brief information about admissions to Our Alma Mater. Or go directly to Pacifica’s Office of Admissions.

• PGIAA Web Oversight Group |
Get to know a bit about the team responsible for the PGIAA online presence.

• Terms of Use & Privacy Policy |
Your PGIAA website incorporates safeguards for your private information as a registered member. Here we discuss the parameters of that intention, and your place therein.

• Submissions & Editorial Guidelines |
Your PGIAA website thrives on your participation, and your contributions. We cordially and heartily invite your articles, essays, photos, artwork, interviews. Here we discuss how best to help us include you in our publication process.

• Contact Us |
Please do, as needed and appropriate!


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