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Elli’s Ride: Death Beyond Imagination


Sharing e the upcoming release of my book Elli’s Ride: Death beyond Imagination. This was my production piece of my dissertation. It is an creative nonfiction of an 11 year old death and beyond She is guided through the underworld by Naaz-e-Jaan (Grace in the Breath of the soul) a multiple headed elephant that takes her a mystical journey’s through the Garden, Tibetan rituals, Native American, The passion and Dante Alighieri’s three realms of heal.. This is all beautiful compiled in love letters she writes to her Maadar (mother) from beyond. I would be most honored to share this work with my Pacifica Family

– Andrea Deerheart – Class of 2014 · PhD · Mythology

“May this body of work help to return the sanctity of death by arousing psyche, imagination and compassion.

May the dying be free to imagine, experience, and live in death, thus allowing both the living and dying the opportunity to face, embracing be present to life.

May these stories progress your freedom in making conscious, sacred and empowered decisions in the care of Self and your loved ones before, during and after death”Andrea Deerheart – Class of 2014 · PhD · Mythology



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